About HMS > Management

About HMS > Management

HMS is managed by Hyperbaric Associates of America (“HBAA”), a group specializing in the establishment and management of turnkey full-service Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy facilities for medical practitioners. As a sophisticated management company, HBAA conducts such services as site selection and lease negotiation and undertaking, facility build-out, oxygen system installation, chamber purchase and set up, all hiring and ongoing administrative services, including billing, reception, and office management, coordination of the hiring of medical support staff, all legal, compliance, accounting and financial support, trade name initiation and support, implementation of electronic medical records systems, significant digital and traditional marketing services, and more.

HBAA is in the process of expanding HMS to its 3rd location in New York City with plans to continue its growth across the region and other areas throughout the country.  Our goal is to bring safe and affordable hyperbaric oxygen therapy to all those who may benefit from the therapy.

HBAA is currently in the process of establishing a medical advisory board. The medical advisory board will focus specifically on assisting in developing research initiatives related to hyperbaric therapy, as well as outreach programs for medical professionals, insurance companies, and legislatures.

For more information about HBAA, please email info@hyperbaricamerica.com or call 631-262-1272.

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