Hyperbaric Medical Solutions (“HMS”) provides state-of-the-art Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in a comfortable and professional environment.  At HMS, patients with a variety of medical conditions breathe pure oxygen in a private pressurized acrylic chamber, allowing more oxygen to flow through the bloodstream to improve healing.  HMS one of the only free-standing providers of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the New York Metro area, with three locations in Medford, Woodbury, and its newest site in Manhattan. HMS’s medical staff is passionate about this safe, medically supervised, non-invasive, and innovative approach to healing.  HMS is confident that its customized treatment plans for each of its patients will lead to improved health and well-being.


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ESPN: Joe Namath Uses HBOT As Concussion Treatment
Broadway Joe Responds to the Pressure ESPN Explores HBOT As Concussion Treatment, Yet Focus Still Off The Mark On July 20th, we wrote to ESPN about a story by Peter Keating that appeared in ESPN the Magazine, and on ESPN’s website, called “Out of Thin Air.” The video clip was titled, “Namath’s Uncommon Cure for Concussions?” NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath thinks that hyperbaric oxygen treatment has helped improve brain trauma that he believes was caused … Continue reading
Concussion Treatment - HBOT's Efficacy Under Pressure
Concussion Treatment – HBOT’s Efficacy Under Pressure And why that pressure is based on false pretenses On July 6, 2015, we wrote to the New York Times about an article that appeared on the front page of the July 3rd Business Day section, titled “Effective Concussion Treatment Remains Frustratingly Elusive, Despite a Booming Industry.”  The letter that we sent to the New York Times has been modified and expanded below.  Also, stay tuned for an … Continue reading
Manhattan HBOT Office Now Open
HMS Takes Manhattan! We are very happy to announce that our Manhattan HBOT office is now open!  Located at 160 East 32nd Street, Hyperbaric Medical Solutions – Manhattan is the first free-standing, non-hospital based site dedicated to hard chamber hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the area. Traditionally, patients in Manhattan could only access HBOT at a few select hospitals for HBOT treatment to heal diabetic foot wounds, delayed radiation injury, bone infections (osteomyelitis), failed skin grafts, and other chronic … Continue reading
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